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Niruby Naturals Story

Weare an ebony approach to spiritual living!

Niruby Naturals was started with the intention of showing women of color that caring for mind, body and spirit are very important to living a happier and healthier life. As women and women of color we give so much of our time and energy to everyone and everything. We need to take back some of that time for ourselves….(GUILT FREE). I want women to know that lighting a candle, diffusing an essential oil or even reaching into your bag and rediscovering that crystal you have forgot about, along with a few deep breaths, are all tools for self-care. These little moments belong to us and it is important that we take them back. I hope that my site makes your life a little easier, sweeter, calmer and happier!

We use 100% soy
wax derived.

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Meet Our Team

We as a team not only work together, but we build a family bond and work hard to build each other strengths.

CEO / Founder
Iyishia is a wife of 20 yrs and a mom to 4 kiddos. She works as an Inclusion Specialist working with people who have special needs, and now she is a business owner. YEP! You heard right she owns her own business. She is officially a Reiki 2 Practitioner. Iyishia loves using essential oils, candles and crystals in her everyday life. Her passion is encouraging women to use crystals, candles, essential oils, yoga and meditation as tools for better self-care, mental-care and spiritual-care.